Questions & Answers

Yes you can.  Our "Pay as You Go" option allows you to create a promotion and we'll create a design for you.  Your "Pay as You Go" promotion is good for 30 days and is social media friendly.  Take a look at our pricing.  We offer 4 different plans.

Create your promotion NOW!

PTC offers merchants to access their very on control panel right from our website.  Specials can easily be created, edited, changed at any time during a subscription period.

This is another feature we offer our merchants is by providing them with a script they may place on their current website to display promotions they create here.  Anytime a promotion is created, edited, deleted or expired their promotion(s) are automatically updated on their website.

YES.!  When creating a promotion there is an option that allows a company to create what they call "coupon codes"  They are auto generated or can be manually entered to match your POS system.  Our system also allows merchants to create bar codes to track sales in their POS systems.